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Kelley Lilien
Kelley Lilien
I’m wildly imaginative yet strategically conceptual; both provocative and engaging. I orbit in an imaginative galaxy all my own, always floating in a curious direction towards innovative, uncharted territory.

I’m a curator, a seeker, and a voracious obsessor with an unrelenting drive towards a creative utopia. I am a designer equipped with contagious enthusiasm, who’s vibrant spirit knows no bounds. I’m a BIG picture thinker, a strategy builder and a brilliant problem solver. I believe that when passion and skill collide, magic happens.

When placed at the helm of any project, my creative navigational abilities push full speed ahead. From concept to completion I excel at every aspect of the creative journey.

Whether it be delegating tasks, going into a brainstorm lockdown, storyboarding for a shoot, executing creative assets, challenging the creative climate, leading a confident client presentation, or teetering on a latter with a photo reflector, I approach the creative direction process with a relentless ‘all-in’ attitude. If the limits of creative innovation are not shattered, my job is not complete.
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